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Activities in Wherewolf

Your activities menu is made up of the various tours or experiences we offer your guests. These activities dictate which waivers your guests will complete and agree to, and there are various ways to allocate guests to your activities.

  • Staff select from the iPad

Your User Defaults panel allows you to pre-select an activity, and all subsequent guests will be added to this activity. The guests will not need to select their own activity. This is a great option if you greet groups doing the same activity altogether, such as a Morning Tour or an Afternoon Tour, and want to ensure all guests are checked in correctly.

If you only have one waiver, then your guests can check in and you can assign activities from the staff-facing dashboard. This is done after check-in so the activity cannot determine the check-in, but it may suit your operations.

  • Guest selects at check-in

If you have multiple activities at the same time, or your team will not be available to select the activity on behalf of your guests, then the guest can be asked to select their activity from the activity menu page on your check-in.

 Booking software integration

If you have a reservation integration, then your pre-booked guests will be allocated to their booked activity. No other settings will alter their activity selection, and these guests will follow the check-in and waiver agreement that you have designated for that activity. You can use this configuration alongside one of the above options for your non-booked guests.


You can have one menu of activities and they appear using one of the above configurations. If you have tours and rental options, then you could include an activity for ‘rental’ or ‘gear hire’ and use our Equipment functionality for the rental activity.

Your activities or experiences are a large part of your Wherewolf software and must be configured or updated by our developers.

Updated on October 18, 2018

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