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How do I create and manage Trips?

Trips is an advanced dashboard feature that allows operators to manage guests at a group/trip level instead of individual level. This is especially relevant to helicopter, skydive and flight tour operators.

Operators can create trips, manifest these trips by assigning guests, assign staff members and keep track of trip information such as weather conditions and possible issues that arose during the tour.

At completion of the trip, the assigned staff member can create a trip report and sign it off.

For those operators who need to keep track of the total guest weight assigned, our Trips functionality will report this information while manifesting is being done.

Please note: Trips functionality is customised for each client in order to suit the nature and requirements of their operation. As such, your setup might differ from what is shown in this article.

Creating Trips

Open your dashboard by logging in.

Although new trips can be created from multiple locations in the dashboard, we recommend that operators use the Active Guest Manifest screen. This will allow trip creation and manifesting in parallel.

On the home screen of your dashboard, click on the Active guest manifest button under Operations.

Your Active guest manifest will display guests who have checked in and are not assigned to trips that have already been finalised.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Trips section. This will display any currently active trips and allow you to create new trips. Click on the large button to Create A New Trip.

A new trip element is added to your Trips list. The trip is automatically numbered, dated and assigned a colour. You can continue creating new trips by clicking the Create a New Trip button. The trip you’ve created will be automatically selected.

Editing your trip’s details

With your trip selected, you can click on the EDIT button beneath the trip block. You’ll be presented with the Edit Trip screen:

Here, depending on your specific configuration, you can add a custom trip Title, assign an Activity, Staff Member and Equipment and edit report information such as Notes, Incident details or Weather information.

Note that you can edit your trip details at any point and do not have to do this before assigning guests.

When you’re done, click on Update at the top or bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken back to your Active guest manifest.

Assigning guests to trips

Use the Trip column’s cell in your guest’s row to assign them to a specific trip. You have two options:

  1. With no trips selected in your trip bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the empty cell in the Trip column of the guest’s row. This will bring up a popup where you can choose which trip you’d like to assign the guest to.
  2. Select your relevant trip in the trip bar. In our example above, trip #4 has been selected. Now click in the Trip cell of any guests you’d like to assign to this trip. Using this method you can quickly assign multiple guests to your selected trip!

The guest’s Trip cell will be updated with the trip number and colour of the assigned trip.

If enabled in your configuration, notice how the Weight in the trip summary at the bottom updates as guests are assigned. The reported weight will also include that of any assigned staff.

Remove guests from a trip

To remove a guest from a trip, select the relevant trip in the bar at the bottom and click on the Trip cell of the guest you want to remove.

Assign a guest to a different trip

To reassign a guest to a different trip, merely select the new trip in the bar at the bottom and click on the Trip cell in the guest’s row. This will override the currently assigned trip.

Finalising a trip

When the trip has been completed, your staff can prepare and sign off a trip report.

Navigate to Active Trips from your dashboard home screen. This will show a list of active trips along with their details.

Here you can add final trip information such as Notes or Incident information that will be recorded on the trip report.

To finalise the trip, click on its Status cell. This will reveal a list of statuses in a popup menu from which you can choose Finalised.

This will show your Trip Report with a summary of the trip details and guests that were assigned to the trip.

Depending on your configuration, the staff member assigned to the trip will be required to sign off the trip report. When done, click on Okay to finalise the trip.

Your trip will now be removed from the list of active trips.

Viewing past trip reports

Accessing past trip reports can be achieved from the Daily Trips screen which can be accessed from your dashboard home screen.

Simply browse to the date of the trip you want to view and click on it in the list provided.

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Updated on September 12, 2017

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