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How do I use my dashboard?

Your Wherewolf Dashboard allows you to manage your guests and their records, as well as the day-to-day operations of your business – all from one convenient location.  At your dashboard, you can find all the information you need about who is where, with what, and why.

Your liability files and the concessions of guests and staff are secured in the Cloud, while the data relating to your market and how your brand fits into your industry is compiled and digested by our powerful analytics processor, giving you invaluable insights into the chain of decisions that led your guests to you.

This guide is meant as a general overview and there may be some parts of this that don’t relate to you, or you may still have questions. For technical assistance, reach out to support@getwherewolf.com and raise a query ticket for one of our staff to give you a hand. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our webinars for more awesome tips from the team!


The functionality available in your Dashboard is dependent on your Wherewolf plan, but in most cases will consist of 4 main parts:

Marketing & Analytics
Email Queue
Account Settings



1) Marketing & Analytics

The Marketing & Analytics tool allows you to know who your customers are and where they come from, gaining powerful insights so you can make more strategic marketing decisions.

Click on the ‘Discover’ button to explore the complete breakdown of your market – here, you can adjust the filters to various time spans, activities, locations, age, demographics, and more. Click the ‘Get Guests’ button in the top right corner once you have decided on your parameters and you’ll see this data displayed in a variety of graphs and comprehensive guides.

If this is your first time using this feature, use the ‘Forever’ button underneath the custom date range, and click ‘Get Guests’ for an overview of all the data that Wherewolf has captured from your customers. This will give you some idea of how you can use the analytics software. 

Choose from the drop-down list of graphs to change the type of graph displayed as you view the various categories. Once you have your results, you can download these or export them for your own records.

For a full breakdown of this tool, see the Marketing & Analytics section of the documentation.

2) Operations

Depending on the operational needs of your business and your Wherewolf plan, you may have access to the following operational tools:

Active Guest Manifest

The Active Guest Manifest is aimed mainly at operators who need to keep track of those guests who are currently out completing an activity, against those that have returned. For example, operators who offer equipment for hire need to know who hasn’t returned their property.

Entering this view presents you with a list of your active guests alongside the information about their check-in. To edit the guest, you can click in the side column of their booking to go to their designated page. This is also where you can find the ‘View Guest’s Record’ option, where you can view more data. When your active guests return you can finalize their record to clear them from the Active Guests Manifest so that you always know who has returned and who to expect.

Daily Guest Manifest

This manifest offers a list of your guests who have checked in on the current day along with their most important details. Operators who do not require tracking and finalising will use this tool to manage their customers, providing them access to an entire overview of your guests. From here you can also view the guests’ in-depth records and edit their details by clicking into their files from this page.


3) Email Queue

All guests that have checked in and are currently waiting to receive an automated follow-up Email / SMS are listed in Automated Queue. Note that you will only have access to this functionality if you are making use of the automated follow-up email or SMS services.

This tool allows you to trigger emails / SMSs manually, or remove guests from the queue so that they do not receive the follow-up correspondence.


Some of our guests prefer to manage their own follow-up emails and will use the data collected from Wherewolf to build their external email marketing database. If this is something you are implementing you can easily migrate this information across to streamline your e-marketing.


4) Account Settings

Here, you’ll find tools to perform administrative functions associated with your Wherewolf account, provide details necessary for integration with other services and check the system status to perform upgrades to your Dashboard.



Specialty Functionalities

There are some additional functionalities that you may have access to, depending on your plan tier and business requirements:

A) Edit Staff

You may require staff members to hold a log-in to the app. For example, a jet boat driver may need to sign into the app and select the river he will be taking the tour on, before handing around the app for check-in. Under the ‘Edit Staff‘ option you can add your team to the Wherewolf database, to ensure that this information is accurately tracked against the daily activities or tours.

B) Edit Products

If you are using the app to promote products, this dashboard functionality allows you to amend or update products to suit availability or offerings. Use the ‘Add Product’ function to include a new product, or click ‘Delete’ on the product table to remove one from your app check-in display.

C) Trips

If your guides take guests on designated trips, you can use this part of your dashboard to manage your Active and Daily Trips in the same way that you can manage your Active and Daily Guests. Along the bottom bar of Trips is where you can find the button to create a new trip, which you can then edit and add guests to. It’s here that you can also add notes or additional comments to your Trips, such as a weather summary.

For a full overview of our Trips functionality, see How do I create and manage Trips?

Updated on September 14, 2017

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