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How do I delete a guest record?

It is not possible to completely remove a record from Wherewolf. However, we can “delete” those records so that they no longer will be used in your guest analytics and removed from any visible view by your account users.

How to archive a test record

Let’s say you’ve done a couple of test check-ins on your Arrival App. Your test guest names show up in your Daily Manifest and you’re happy with the results but you don’t want this data skewing your analytics.

Here’s how you “delete” your test guests and remove them from view:

  1. Find your test guest.

    Open your dashboard by logging in.

    The easiest way to find and edit your test guest records is by using your Daily Manifest. On your Dashboard home screen, click on the “Daily” button.

    Once your Daily Manifest has opened, use the < Day Before or Day After > buttons to navigate to the relevant day that you performed your tests, or just edit the date directly.

  2. Editing your guests

    Now that you have your test guest listed in front of you, you’re ready to start editing the record.

    To access and edit a guest’s record, click on any non-editable cell in your guest’s row. If you have an Edit button listed in your guest row you can merely click on that. In our example above, clicking on Olivia Freeman’s “Age” cell will also open the Edit Guest screen. *Note: the columns in your daily manifest will differ to the example above.*

    Find the Status dropdown in the list of fields. Click on it, and in the list of options, select “Deleted.”

    In order to save the status change, click on the “Update” button in the top-left or bottom-left portion of the screen.

    You’ll be taken back to your Daily Manifest. Your test guest will no longer display in the list and has therefore been successfully removed from your lists and analytics.

Did you accidentally delete a guest record? This is how you find a deleted guest record and return it to being visible.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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