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Editing My Email Automations

With Wherewolf, you can customise the content in your email automations to suit your business and guests. To get started, go to your account assistant portal and log in using your username and password.

Then, navigate to ‘Operator Profile’.

Here you can choose to update the links in your follow-up email or the templates for each automation.


Under ‘Links’, you can update the links that we send to guests after their experience. Add in any review sites, social media, or surveys you have to share these with your guests.


Click on the small ‘pen’ icon to edit your templates. You can change the subject line, the preview text, and the content of the email. The text you see with ‘#’ symbols are automatically populated by the details we have, such as the guest name or your company name.
‘Send Test’ in the top right-hand corner will send a preview of this email to you.

When you’ve finished making your edits, you can hit ‘Save’.

If you don’t see all these email templates, you may not have them enabled for your system. Please reach out to our team to ask about these email automations here.

Follow-Up Email:

This is the email your guests receive after their experience. Read more about this here.

Pre-Arrival Links Email:

This is the email your guests receive when your booking software alerts us to a new booking. This email contains the link to their pre-arrival email. Read more about this here. 

Pre-Arrival Confirmation Email:

This is the email we send to a guest to confirm that the waiver has been received. This is not enabled by default but it’s available to any subscription with a pre-arrival waiver.

Updated on March 25, 2020

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