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Equipment in Wherewolf

If you offer rentals or optional extras on your tours, then our equipment functionality can help you to manage this. It may be to help ensure all your guests have safety equipment before embarking on a tour, or to track casual rentals. There are three separate ways you can manage your equipment.

  • Staff select from iPad

Your Guest Defaults panel allows you to select equipment for the guests you’re checking in.  Guests will be allocated the chosen equipment until you modify this, and they won’t be asked which equipment they’re using. This is useful if a tour has required equipment that you need every guest to take.

Once your guests have checked in, you can allocate equipment. This is done after check in and can be done for guests of any activity. For example, a guest on a sea kayaking tour may need to borrow a dry-bag. This could also be for your ‘rental’ activity guests, so they can sign a rental waiver before you decide which surfboard and leg-rope they’re hiring.

  •  Guest selects at check-in

The guest can also select their own equipment whether this is optional tour extras, such as borrowing a sunhat, or hiring equipment such as a paddleboard and a snorkel. You can modify this afterwards in the dashboard if you need to.


You can have one menu of equipment and they appear together, using one of the above configurations. Your equipment is a large part of your Wherewolf software and must be configured or updated by our developers.

Updated on December 3, 2018

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