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Integrating with FareHarbor

An integration combining FareHarbor and Wherewolf provides tour operators the best possible tools to manage, grow, and streamline their business.

Wherewolf has four main modules to complement their FareHarbor account:

  • Digital waivers – Customized and branded to suit their business,their iPad app makes it easy to check-in customers, complete a liability waiver and provide them marketing information when onsite, in the company shuttle or wherever. It is fast, simple and can be done offline.
  • Pre-arrivals – The online form allows guests to complete the waiver before guests arrive on their computers, tablets or phones. They can ask more questions e.g medical information when they arrive or they simply confirm they are here.
  • Guest management – When guests complete the waiver staff needs to see they have completed it and view the details in a clean trip manifest. We have extensive manifest management so staff can see all guests on their trip which can be filtered by time, activity, location. It’s not enough just to have a tick next to their name.
  • Marketing – By completing the waiver digitally, we can collate 100% of the guest’s information. A filterable database that can be graphed, targeted and used as a CRM to further communicate with guests. All guests can receive a follow-up email prompting reviews, ratings, likes, and referrals.

What does the iPad Check-in app look like?

What does the pre-arrival online check-in look like?

Try using it on their phone, tablet, or desktop, it works great on any device, streamlining your guest arrival workflow.

See a sample at: https://web.wherewolf.co.nz/web/nzpexb

What is the difference between Wherewolf and other digital waivers?

Wherewolf is dedicated to tourism. We believe the guest experience should be exceptional from the moment they book, to arriving, participating and departing.

We ensure the legal, operational and marketing information is gathered in the easiest and most enjoyable way for the guest and is streamlined, robust and helpful for the company.

Therefore we have added a suite of functionality that really ensures Wherewolf is the best possible tool for the job.

See this comparison chart for a list of the many features Wherewolf has compared to other waiver platforms.

How does the pricing work?

The best part is the pricing. Wherewolf charges by features, not by volume.
If they just want a simple branded iPad check-in it’s only $65 per month and includes unlimited waivers.

If they want their app with multiple different activities across several locations with integrations, pre-arrivals, and trip reports our highest tier is only $199 per month.

We have a one-off set up fee to build, design and create the app that ranges from $500 to $2000 for FareHarbor clients. (starting price is $1500 if they are not with FareHarbor).

Get A Special Offer For FareHarbor Clients

Wherewolf has special promotions running for FareHarbor customers who add Wherewolf.

One of our Product Specialists will walk them through Wherewolf via a quick web screenshare demonstration and help you get started.

They’ll have fun, we promise!

What are current clients saying about Wherewolf?

We have produced numerous stories and videos featuring our clients and how Wherewolf has made an impact in their business.

Updated on February 16, 2018

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