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How do I finalise an active guest?

You can manage your active guests via the Active Guest Manifest on you Wherewolf Dashboard. The Active Guest Manifest is aimed mainly at operators who need to keep track of those guests who are currently out completing an activity vs those that have returned. For example, operators who offer equipment for hire need to know who hasn’t returned their property.

When a guest has returned your equipment, you can change the guest’s status from Active to Finalised. In addition, your Dashboard will automatically save the return time and calculate the guest’s trip duration.

Note: the availability of this functionality is dependent on your Wherewolf plan.

Follow the steps below to finalise your active guests:

1. Find the guest in your Active Guest Manifest

Open your dashboard by logging in.

Under Operations, click the Active button to enter your Active Guest Manifest.

2. Finalise the guest

Find your guest in the manifest. The last column in the guest’s row should be his Status. Click on the status cell for the guest you wish to finalise.

Depending on how your dashboard has been configured, the guest will either automatically be finalised or you will be prompted to confirm:

The dialog that appears will indicate the duration for which the guest has been active. Click the Finalise button to confirm.

3. View the guest in your Daily Manifest

Click the Back button in the top left of your screen to exit to the main menu of your Dashboard. From here, click the Daily button to enter your Daily Guest Manifest.

Your guest will now have a Return Time and Duration listed and has successfully been finalised!

Want to learn more about your Wherewolf Dashboard? Read the Dashboard Overview.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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