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How do I find a guest’s record?

Open your Wherewolf Dashboard by logging in.

You have two options available when searching for a guest:

  1. If you know their check-in date, use the Daily Guest Manifest
  2. If you know their name or email address, use the Search functionality

1) Finding a guest using your Daily Guest Manifest

Click on the Daily button on the home screen of your Dashboard.

Use the < Day Before or Day After > buttons to navigate to the relevant day that the guest checked in, or use the date picker to proceed directly to a specific date.

To edit or access a guest’s full record, click on any non-editable cell in your guest’s row. If you have an Edit button listed in your guest row you can merely click on that. In our example above, clicking on Olivia Freeman’s “Age” cell will also open the Edit Guest screen.

*Note: the columns in your daily manifest will differ to the example image above.*

2) Find a guest using the Search functionality

Open your home screen and click on the Search button.

In the input field, start typing either your guest’s name or email address to initiate the search.

If the guest is found, they will be listed below the search field. Click on any of the guest’s cells to edit or view the guest’s full record.

Want to learn more about your Wherewolf Dashboard? Read the Dashboard Overview.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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