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How do I find my Rezdy product codes?

When integrating with Rezdy, Wherewolf will need to know the Rezdy product codes so when a guest checks-in, Wherewolf can link the Rezdy booking to the correct activity in your Wherewolf app. Setting the correct activity might mean the guest sees different terms and conditions or a slightly different set of questions.

Log in to your Rezdy account

You can login here, https://app.rezdy.com/login

View your products

In the left-hand menu, find “Inventory” and select “My Products” underneath

Inventory then my products on the left

Finding the product codes

You will see a table with all of your activities. In the example below, there are two activities.

Table of product codes

Recommended Unique Codes

In the examples above, we are using the automatically generated Product Code from Rezdy. It is highly recommended that you use the Unique Codes field for each individual product to give it a more user-friendly and readable name. By doing this, it will become much more recognisable. For example, the Guided Walk product now has the Unique Code set to GUIDEDWALK:

Guided walk edit product

Now, the product codes page will look like this:

Product list updated

What to supply to Wherewolf

In the example above, one product is no longer available, so this does not need to be supplied to Wherewolf. The second product is available so you should supply Wherewolf with the product name and product code:

Guided Walk – GUIDEDWALK

If you want the product to display in your Wherewolf check-in app, then ensure you supply the code.

Updated on September 28, 2017

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