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Finding a guest waiver

To locate a guest and their PDF waiver, you have a couple of different methods.


Using the Daily Manifest

Your Daily Manifest is located on your Dashboard, and shows all your guests for that day. To find a guest, select the correct date (either using ‘Day Before’ or ‘Day After’, or the calendar to switch dates) and their record will appear.

The ‘Edit’ button in the last column will take you to the full guest record, where you can download the PDF at the top of the page.

Using the ‘Search’ Tool

The Search tool is right next to your Daily Manifest, and it searches your entire database for records that match your search. You can click on the guest here to get taken to the guest record and download the PDF.

For example, if a guest isn’t showing up for the day you expected, then you can search for their record – they might have entered the wrong date on their waiver.
Or, if you need to find a guest record and only know their name, you can use this to instantly find them without scrolling through the Daily Manifest calendar.

Updated on August 6, 2020

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