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Follow Up Emails

Wherewolf can set up a complementary follow-up email to send to your guests. We use an internally built template, and populate it with your colours, graphics, and social media/review site links. This is only valid for our Essentials and Equipped pricing tiers.

You can ask us to add in custom text or URL’s to other sites you think would be relevant – if you’d like more creative control over the follow-up emails, please look into our Mailchimp integration and what this can do for you.

The guest is added to your Automated Queue on the dashboard. You can select ‘View Queue’ to see all the guests waiting for these emails, here you can choose to ‘Send Now’ or ‘Delete’ the guest from the queue. Otherwise, the emails will be sent automatically and the guest’s name will disappear from this list. The follow-up email is sent following a pre-determined delay.

This can be triggered by three things, depending on your guest settings:

  1. Guest Arrival Onsite
    Once the guest arrives onsite and is recorded as ‘active’ in Wherewolf, they are added to your Automated Queue. The email will send after the delay has passed.
  2. Active Guest Departure
    If you have the ‘Active’ Manifest tool, these guests will be added to the Automated Queue after they have been ‘finalised’ from this view.
  3. The Day After
    If you are using pre-arrival waivers and are not relying on guest statuses to record where your guests are, then we can use a formula to send the email the day following their experience.
Updated on December 31, 2020

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