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How do I free up storage space on my iPad?

If your iPad is running low on local storage space, you will be greeted with a pop-up dialog next time you load the app saying ‘You do not have enough free storage space to use Wherewolf’Not to worry – your data is safe, and all of your guest records are still preserved.

Why am I seeing this?

Wherewolf uses the local storage space on the iPad to create a local database in which to store guest records before uploading them to the Wherewolf servers.  This allows guests to check in using the app even if the iPad does not have an internet connection.  If the iPad is low on storage space, Wherewolf will show the warning dialog to ensure space is freed up and the app can continue running normally.  Photos, music, apps, games, documents, and messages all use up storage space on the iPad.

How do I free up space?

Be careful with what you choose to delete – Wherewolf takes no responsibility for any loss of data caused by deleting content from your device.

Check your storage and delete apps

On your iPad, go to Settings > General > iPad Storage – this will show you how much available space you have remaining on the device, and a breakdown of the current data stored on the iPad.

Underneath the storage breakdown, you may see a list of recommendations from Apple for optimising and freeing up storage on the device.  You can follow any of these recommendations to reclaim space on your iPad. Read the description, then tap Enable to turn it on.

Further down the page, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your device and how much storage each one uses.  You can tap on the name of any of these apps for more detail about its storage.  Depending on the app, you may be able able to do one of the following:

  • Delete some of the app’s content
  • Delete the app and all of its content
  • Offload the app – this deletes the app but retains its documents and data on your device

Any of these options will free up space on your iPad.

Remove unneeded content

If you haven’t already, you can set up iCloud on your device which will grant you 5GB of free storage (You can buy more if you need).  You can use iCloud to back up your photos, videos, and documents, securely online and across all your devices.

If you are using iCloud, you can go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos and tap to turn on iCloud Photo Library; once this is done, you can tap Optimize iPad Storage to replace the photos and videos on your device with lower resolution copies.  Not to worry, the full-resolution copies will still be stored online in iCloud.

If you are not using iCloud, you can delete old or unnecessary photos or videos, or message conversations (especially those containing lots of pictures or videos) from your device.

This will free up storage space on your iPad.

How do I prevent this from happening again?

  • Regularly keep on eye on available storage by going to Settings > General > iPad Storage, and monitor as neccessary
  • Set up iCloud and use iCloud Photo Library to optimise storage
  • Consider not using the same iPad that you use for Wherewolf to store other apps / pictures / videos / content

How do I make Wherewolf run normally again?

Once you have freed up storage space by following the instructions above, close and reload your Wherewolf app from the home screen, and the app will run as normal again.

Updated on January 23, 2018

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