Guest Status

You should get familiar with the meanings of each guest status, and recognize which are relevant to you.

Checked In:

‘Checked in’ guests have only completed an online waiver and have not confirmed their arrival on-site. If you have an iPad app, then your ‘Checked In’ guests will not receive a follow-up email.


If you only use a ‘Daily’ manifest, active guests have confirmed their onsite arrival in the iPad app and will be added to your Automated Queue to receive their follow-up email. If you use an ‘Active’ manifest, then they will be added to this instead.


When a guest on your ‘Active’ manifest has completed their experience, you must change their status to ‘finalised’. When you have changed this status to ‘Finalised’, we add them to your Automated Queue to receive their follow-up email.


To delete a guest record, change their status to ‘Deleted’. You will always be able to find it using the ‘Search’ function on your dashboard, however, the guest data will not be added to your manifests or marketing analytics.

Updated on May 29, 2019

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