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How To Check My Wherewolf Version

Wherewolf supports two versions; one is accessible on any iPad with iOS 9.3.5 or higher,the other is any iPad running on Apple-supported iOS versions.

Why would you want to move to the new version?

Our iOS version is more robust…
It’s considerably less prone to bugs. Bugs that do show up are often identified even before you notice and are immediately fixed.

…and, it’s more “future proof”…
It’s built utilizing modern software that will support future iOS releases

…with faster response time…
The new version performs significantly better

…and a user-friendly interface…
We’ve identified and improved on several user experience issues that were present

…this iOS version is continually being developed/ improved
Clients on our new version will automatically receive all future improvements, bug fixes and new functionality. 

How to tell what version you’re on:

Head to your dashboard and open up the ‘System Check’ tab in your ‘Settings‘ menu.

If you see your specific business name, you may be eligible for an upgrade:


If you see the “Apple App Store – Wherewolf Arrivals”, you’re already on our latest version!

Updated on November 6, 2019

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