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I don’t think my integration is working

Our integrations with reservation partners enable us to:

  • Send out pre-arrival waivers ahead of time, and;
  • Display all guests booked for that day on your iPad app for a streamlined check-in.

This is what that page on your iPad would normally look like:

If your guests are not receiving their waivers, or are not appearing on this page, it could be due to a couple of reasons:

  1. Activity Mismatch:
    Head to your Daily Manifest view and open the activities dropdown at the top of your Manifest. Those are all the activities that we are integrated with. If you have added new activities or renamed activities then our system will not recognise them and won’t pull through the guest data.
    You need to contact our development team and request that they match your Wherewolf activities list with any updates you have made in your reservation system.
  2. Poor Connectivity:
    If you’re making bookings onsite and they are not appearing on the iPad, then this could be due to the iPad being out of signal from the internet or having low connectivity. Check your iPad wifi¬†settings to make sure this is not a contributing factor.
  3. Guests Not Appearing On The Wherewolf Dashboard
    Currently, we only display guests on your dashboard who have commenced the check-in process so there is no confusion about who is authorised to go on an experience. Your iPad app can help you to see who is still yet to arrive and who has completed their check-in process, but only guests who have a digital record in Wherewolf are currently displayed on your dashboard
  4. Wherewolf Guest Data Not Appearing In Reservation System
    In most cases, Wherewolf does not push sensitive guest data back to your reservation system. Your guest data can be managed from within your Wherewolf Dashboard.





Updated on November 26, 2020

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