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Integrating Wherewolf Lite

Wherewolf Lite subscriptions allow you to configure and create your own waivers. You get your own unique URL and QR Code to share with guests to ensure easy, contactless check-in to your business.

If you use one of our reservation partners, then we can integrate services to automatically send your waivers each time a person books.

Your booked guests should complete the waiver we email them through the integration.
Please remember not to manually share your waiver with booked guests ahead of time, and let our automatic email sender take care of it for you.

How It Works

When a guest books, your booking system sends us a packet of information with details like the date of the activity; the activity itself; and how many participants are in that group.
We receive that information and create a link to your waiver that’s specific to that booking, and email it to the lead booker within a matter of minutes. When the guests open their waiver, they won’t be asked questions like the date of their tour or the activity – we already know this information. They only have to enter their personal liability information and they’re done!

The lead booker can then share the link with the rest of their group to get everyone checked in and ready for their experience. They can share it by forwarding the email, or when they get to this page after completing a waiver:

If the guest selects ‘Check in Another Person’, the waiver process starts from the start and will add another guest to the booking. Or, ‘Share This Link’ will open up a variety of messaging apps the guest has available (e.g., text, Facebook, email) and the guest can share it with their group instantly.

How To Get Started

Go to your Wherewolf Assistant Portal, and select ‘Integration’, under Settings.

Find your reservation system and add in the necessary information, someone from our support team will finalize the integration for you and confirm the behaviour before sending any waivers.

If you can’t see your reservation software there, it means we don’t integrate with them. You can still share your Wherewolf waiver with guests using your URL or QR Code.


Your Wherewolf Lite waiver must be suitable for all activities you choose to integrate with.

If your Wherewolf waiver is only suited to watersport activities, but you also offer ATV tours, then make sure that your ATV activities are not integrated with Wherewolf. If you have a variety of activities, check out one of our paid tiers! We can configure questions, add logic so specific questions are shown for certain activities or guest conditions, and send follow-up emails after their experience to ask for reviews.

Request a demo here to find out more.

Updated on August 11, 2020

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