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Integrating with Mailchimp

Wherewolf integrates with Mailchimp to give you even more marketing tools. For us to set up the integration, we just need your Mailchimp API Key and a List ID.

Mailchimp API Key connects us with your Mailchimp account.
The Mailchimp Audience ID tells us which list to send your guests to.


We can populate one main customer database for you, and we can help you curate specific mailing lists too. For example, you may provide one Audience for all your guests, then another Audience for guests from within your region or state, or guests who select a certain age range. We can filter your guests into lists based on almost any data point we are identifying, helping you build up specific email databases.

You can set email campaigns to ‘autorespond to new subscribers’ to these lists – this is great for marketing strategies such as an email with discount codes for locals, or promotions for certain group types (such as corporate events) who may wish to come back. If you’re using Mailchimp to set up your own follow-up emails, please let our team know so we can disable your Wherewolf follow-up email.


Using Analytics + Mailchimp:

You might want to send out a specific email – for example, only to guests who used the ‘Party Tour’ activity between November 31st and December 31st, and who selected ‘corporate’ as their group type.
First, you would need to create a list in Mailchimp for this campaign, and design your promotional email with information about the other types of corporate events you can offer. Then, set this campaign to ‘autorespond to new subscribers’.

Next, look under the Integrations tab on your Wherewolf Settings column, located on the dashboard, and ‘authorise’ the Mailchimp integration.

Once you’ve done this, head to Wherewolf and use your ‘Analytics’ > ‘Discover’ to apply the relevant filters, and select ‘Get Guests’. Your next page will display the graphable data for those guests, but you can head to the top right-hand corner and select ‘Download/Export’ – from there, you can import your data into Mailchimp and send your campaign!

Updated on August 3, 2020

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