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How much will it cost to customize my Arrival App?

As your business evolves and grows, you may need to change something about your Arrival App to meet new business requirements.

In many cases, we can make minor changes at no cost (depending on your tier of service). Learn what arrival app changes can be completed at no cost.

Any changes to your existing Arrival App would be quoted in advance for a flat (Fixed) rate for all development work completed.

This table is provided for indication only and in no way implies a quotation. Work effort will be more or less the estimate here based on the makeup of your application as no two are the same.

Change Input required Indicative cost
Create vanilla version of client app for marketing or training Any new branding and assets not provided in original app. 6 hours
Re-branding Images, logo, colours 3 hours
Add integration (for existing integration options) API Key, list ID (Mailchimp) 3 hours
Add equipment hire or sales functionality Equipment details and business rules around rental and return. Sales item details. Use case of information – dashboard? 2 hours
Insert standard view not in original requirements Use case and user requirement 1 hour

Here at Wherewolf we are constantly developing the platform. As such new features will appear and existing features will improve as we go along.

To get a custom quote, Create a Support Ticket with the details of your request and we’ll set up a time to review this with you and prepare a customer fixed fee quote.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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