Each Wherewolf Dashboard comes with a Daily Manifest. 

This manifest offers a list of your guests who have checked in on the current day along with their most important details. You can use filters such as ‘Time‘ and ‘Activity‘ to create detailed manifests to manage your day-to-day operations.


If you use our pre-arrival waivers, your Daily Manifest will show you who is ‘active’ onsite, and who is still yet to arrive. This is done by monitoring the Statuses.

From here you can also view the guests’ in-depth records and edit their details by clicking into their files from this page.


Active Guest Manifest

The Active Guest Manifest is an additional function aimed mainly at operators who need to keep track of those guests who are currently out completing an activity against those that have returned. For example, operators who offer equipment for hire need to know who hasn’t returned their property. This can also be used to manage multi-day activities.

If you’re using an Active Manifest, then these guests won’t be added to the Automated Queue until you’ve marked them as finalised.

Entering this view presents you with a list of your ‘active’ guests alongside the information about their check-in. To edit the guest, you can click on the side column of their booking to go to their designated page. This is also where you can find the ‘View Guest’s Record’ option, where you can view more data. When your active guests return you can finalize their record to clear them from the Active Guests Manifest so that you always know who has returned and who to expect.


Updated on July 15, 2019

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