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Pre-Arrival Webform

If you’re using our pre-arrival web form, then you have access to an extension of your check-in app from any web browser. How do I get my pre-arrival web form link?

ou can send the generic pre-arrival waiver link to your guests or, if we’re integrating with your booking software, then the waivers are automatically sent and pre-filled with data from the reservation.

Why are my guest’s pre-arrival waivers not connecting to their bookings?

The pre-arrival waiver and iPad check-in can have identical questions, or we can use some questions in the pre-arrival waiver then exclude them from the iPad app (and vice versa). Guests will normally need to confirm their arrival onsite using the iPad app so that you are sure who has or hasn’t taken part in your activity. The action of confirming their arrival on-site also triggers any additional automations.

If you do not have this feature but would like to learn more, reach out to your account manager or product specialist.

Updated on March 20, 2019

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