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Pre-Arrival Webform

If you’re using our pre-arrival webform waiver, then you have access to an extension of your check-in app from any web browser. How do I get my pre-arrival web form link?

ou can send the generic pre-arrival waiver link to your guests – find your waiver link here. Or, if we’re integrating with your booking software, then the waivers are automatically sent and pre-filled with data from the reservation so the guests simply need to enter their personal information and share this link with their party. They will not be asked for the date or activity they are participating in.

Bookings & Pre-arrival Waivers – What To Know:

  1. If the booking is changed or modified then the waiver link does not need to be resent, it will pull those new updates.
  2. If the guest has completed an online waiver, then modified the booking date, the waiver will be moved to the newly updated date. You can use the ‘Search’ button to locate the guest’s waiver and change the status to ‘deleted’. The guest can complete another waiver now.
  3. If the guest completes a waiver then their booking is deleted, their waiver is automatically removed from your daily manifest and analytic reports (althouugh we still store this in your database).
  4. If you need to resend the waiver link, then go into the booking and update the email address they have used to an alternative that they have access to. This will resend the waiver link.
  5. Waivers are sent immediately upon receipt of a new booking.
  6. If we have multiple activities occurring in the same booking for one guest, the guest will complete one waiver with all relevant questions and terms and conditions displayed together.
  7. If we have multiple activities occurring in the same booking for multiple guests, then there is no clear way to discern which guests are participating in which activity, therefore the guest will be checked in to all activities booked.
  8. The booking may tell us the number of guests per group, which means we will only accept a certain amount of waivers per booking.
  9. If the booking is made for a venue or item, such as a pontoon boat or bowling alley with undefined numbers of guests, we would need to implement a function that allows unlimited amounts of guests to your software.


Why are my guest’s pre-arrival waivers not connecting to their bookings?

The pre-arrival waiver and iPad check-in can have identical questions, or we can use some questions in the pre-arrival waiver then exclude them from the iPad app (and vice versa). Guests will normally need to confirm their arrival onsite using the iPad app so that you are sure who has or hasn’t taken part in your activity.

The action of confirming their arrival on-site also triggers any additional automations.

If you do not have this feature but would like to learn more, reach out to your account manager or product specialist.

Updated on March 25, 2020

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