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Products and purchases

If you offer purchase options, we can track these for you.
You may wish to offer media packages or souvenirs, or you offer activity add-ons (such as an extra round of paintball pellets or lunch options). There are a couple ways that your guest can ‘purchase’ items from you.


  •  Guest selects at check-in

The guest will be offered your items during their check-in, so they can pre-order their purchases. If you have guests making multiple purchases, for example, a clay bird shooting range where guests can make additional purchases of clay birds, they can use the iPad to add purchases to their guest record. If you’re using the pre-arrival feature, then you can use this to prepare their purchases ahead of time.


Using this option, your guests aren’t asked but your staff can assign purchases afterwards. For example, this may be to track the food and beverage purchases of guests on a scenic boat tour.


The purchases of the guests will be viewable on the dashboard, for your staff to manage and act upon. This menu can be updated by you from your dashboard and does not require a developer to update.

Updated on September 30, 2018

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