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How do I send email campaigns from the Dashboard?

Wherewolf integrates with email marketing platform Mailchimp to create “campaigns” based on “lists” and “templates”.

A list is a collection of people, and a template is a pre-designed and written document (akin to a flyer). The combination of a list and template creates a campaign.

The campaign will be sent to all the people you filtered.

Creating separate ‘LISTS’ allows you to better track your conversions, opens and bounces. If you choose to use an old list, existing subscribers will also receive the mail campaign.

You will need

  1. An active account with MailChimp
  2. Your own MailChimp account integrated with Wherewolf

Sending email campaigns

  1. Log in to the Wherewolf Dashboard
  2. Click on “Discover”
  3. Edit your filters as desired and click “Get Guests”
  4. Click on “View Guests”
  5. Select “Email”
  6. Under Step #1 “Select a list” – pick a list
  7. Under Step #2 “Select which template” – pick one of your templates.

    If you do not wish to send a campaign, but would like to only populate a list, select No Template option.

  8. Finally click Send/Populate.
Updated on May 31, 2017

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