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Sharing my Lite waiver

You have a few different ways you can share your Wherewolf waiver:

  1. Integration

    With an integration, we send your waivers automatically with each new booking you receive. Your reservation system tells us when guests are coming, what they’re doing, and how many people are booked.

    We send an email to the lead booker with a URL specific to that booking and pre-filled with their information, and you don’t have to do a thing! The waiver link that these guests receive is slightly different to your unique URL because the waiver includes those booking-specific details.

    Your booked guests should complete the waiver we email them through the integration.
    Please remember not to manually share your waiver with booked guests ahead of time, and let our automatic email sender take care of it for you.Read more about integrations here.

  2. QR Code

    In your Assistant Portal, you have your own QR Code to download and display at your business, either as a printed image or on a screen.
    It looks like this:

    Any iPhone, or Android 9 and over, can just hover their camera over the QR Code for the lens to read the QR Code (like a barcode reader reading a barcode) and open your waiver. Other Androids require a QR-Code reading app. This is available in your Assistant Portal, under Waivers.

  3. Unique Weblink/ URL

    Your waiver link is also available in your Assistant Portal, under Waivers, and you can copy/paste this into emails, texts, or any other messaging service to share this with guests – either on the day of arrival or ahead of time.

  4. Direct from the Assistant Portal

    In your Portal, you can use the options under QuickShare to share your link using email or Facebook, right from the portal.
    You can also select ‘Launch Waiver’ to open this waiver in a new tab on your device.

Updated on August 11, 2020

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