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Why do you only support Apple iPad tablet devices?

We only build and support apps for the Apple iPad, running on Apple supported iOS versions. This is several key reasons, including security, scalability, cost management, and performance.

  1. Security. Without a doubt, Apple iPads offer the most secure method of holding your guests’ data offline. Many tablets do not have the ability to securely store data offline and the iPad does.
  2. Scalability. Android offers many versions of their operating system. Further, the minimum requirements of those devices make it extremely difficult to maintain a fast, reliable guest experience. Apple maintains a high level of consistent quality and continuous improvement that ensures your iPad (current and new), will work with new features and functions as we release new technology for our clients.
  3. Cost Management. While it may be less expensive to buy cheaper Android tablets for our customers, the reliability of those devices and higher costs for support make the life-cycle cost of Android devices more expensive.
    More importantly, by focusing on the iPad as a best-in-class, single solution we are able to keep our monthly costs and set-up fees lower by avoiding additional documentation, support, etc. for multiple device operating systems.
  4. Performance. As mentioned before, many manufacturers have introduced low quality, outdated technology in a race to the bottom for price of Android tablets. These slow tablets are not powerful enough to run the Wherewolf suite of tools and deliver a quality experience. The goal for Arrival and Departure apps is to be quick and easy. Your guests (and you) don’t want to slow down the process with tablets that crash or load slowly.
Updated on November 6, 2019

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