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Time slots in Wherewolf

Wherewolf can track your departure times for each tour. There are a few methods but the options available to you may depend on how many time slots you wish to track.

  • Staff select from iPad

Your User Defaults panel allows you to pre-select a time slot for all subsequent guests, until the time slot is updated.

After guests check-in, you can add a time slot to their record from the staff-facing dashboard

  • Guest selects at check-in

The guest can select their own departure time from the check-in process.


Reservation integration

If you have a reservation integration, then your pre-booked guests will be allocated to their booked time slot. No other settings will alter their activity selection. You can use this configuration alongside one of the above options for your non-booked guests.

Your time slots are a large part of your Wherewolf software and must be configured or updated by our developers.

Updated on September 30, 2018

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