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Using the Lite Dashboard

Manage your guests and locate records using your Dashboard, available in the side-panel of your Assistant Portal.

It will open your Dashboard in a new tab, and here is where your daily operations will be displayed. You can keep an eye on your guests and ensure everyone has completed a waiver.


This manifest offers a list of your guests who have checked in on the current day along with their most important details. You can move between dates by changing the date using the calendar icon in the centre, or by clicking ‘Day Before’ or ‘Day After.

You can also download PDF’s of waivers here.


The Search tool is right next to your Daily Manifest, and it searches your entire database for records that match your search.

For example, if a guest isn’t showing up for the day you expected, then you can search for their record – they might have entered the wrong date on their waiver.
Or, if you need to find a guest record and only know their name, you can use this to instantly find them without scrolling through the Daily Manifest calendar.

You can also download PDF’s of waivers here.

Settings Menu:

Here, you can get a quick overview of your account settings.

  1. System Info – to review what version(s) of our software you have access to
  2. Update Password – Where to update your password
  3. Integrations – Where you can add or update integrations
  4. Help – A link to our Support Portal for creating support requests
  5. Links – A link to your pre-arrival waiver
  6. Logging out


To filter your manifests by activity and time, manage follow-up emails, or dive into your guest data for intuitive marketing reports (all graphed automatically for you), reach out to one of our product specialists by clicking this link to find out more.

Updated on November 25, 2020

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