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Waiver Creation Tips

We’ve made digital waivers as easy and fun as possible – but there might still be some parts you’re not sure of or things to consider.

Here’s some useful information to keep in mind as you navigate the waiver build process.

Terms and Conditions

Add in your terms and conditions, and apply any formatting you need.

This is the text that all guests of all activities will be agreeing to, so make sure your terms cover all the tours and experiences you’re using Wherewolf waivers for.

Questions, and how they’re saved

The Waiver Wizard will walk you through some details about the questions. It’s important to understand the distinction, so we’ll go over them here too.

1: Question Title

This is not shown to your guests, it’s just the question title we show you as you navigate through your waiver build process

2: Question Text

This is what you reword your question to, and how your guests will see the question.

3: Question Property

When your digital waiver is created, this is what the response will be saved under. For example, you might reword your ‘activity’ question to “What amazing experience are you joining us for today?”, but on the waiver, the guest’s selection will be saved to ‘activities’.
It’s important you do not re-purpose questions. The guest’s response is not saved to the question text on the waiver, it’s saved to the question property. Re-purposing questions might mean your guest information is saved incorrectly. Click here to find out how to find your guest waivers as PDF’s, to see the final document.

4: Additional Information

You can add a sub-heading and supporting text to your question text. This might be to clarify the question, or to add information around why you need this information or what you would use it for.


Question Settings

Using the cog icon, you can access advanced features like:

  • Making some questions compulsory or skippable
  • Setting minimum and maximum ages
  • Setting minor/adult ages
  • Setting minimum or maximum weights
  • Adding logic for specific questions to show after specific prompts (e.g., guardian signature to show for minor-aged guests).


Navigating the Waiver Wizard

Use the ‘Back’ or ‘Next’ buttons at the bottom left and right of your screen to go back and forth.

After reviewing your waiver, you can go ‘Back’ and make more edits, or ‘Next’ to proceed to you’ll have a few different options. You can go straight to your Wherewolf dashboard, you can add an integration, or you can open your Wherewolf Assistant Portal.

Read our guides on each of these by clicking on the link.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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