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What do the icons on my iPad app mean?

All apps come with these icons in the top right – the cog, the cloud, and the main menu.

The ‘Cog’ Icon:
This will take you to your Guest Defaults menu. These could be activity, time, location, and equipment. This is where staff can select the defaults that will be applied to any guests that don’t already have that information so they don’t need to enter this information during the check-in.

Your staff can use this panel to apply preferences to groups of guests, but you may not need to use this cog very much, depending on your configuration. For example, your guests might be selecting their own activities in the app, which you will get to test soon. If you have a reservation integration then any selection here will be overridden by the booking data.

The ‘Cloud’ Icon:
This shows you the connectivity your iPad has to the internet. You can load up the iPad in Wi-Fi to pull all guest data (such as from your reservation software pre-arrival waivers) then continue to check the guests in using this information, even if you’re offline.
If you’re offline, then the Cloud will show this and there may be a small circle next to the cloud with a number in it. This number represents how many guests have checked in offline – since there is no connectivity, these guests won’t be visible in your dashboard for now.

The ‘Menu’ Icon:
This goes back to a staff-facing screen when you enter ‘0000’. We are developing more tools here for you so watch this space!

Updated on May 29, 2019

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