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How does the Wherewolf API work?

Wherewolf offers an API for passing data from our application to your custom software.


The Wherewolf API is a RESTful JSON API.

All API calls should be made with HTTP POST. You can consider any non-200 HTTP response code an error – the returned data will contain more detailed information.

All methods are accessed via: https://api.wherewolf.co.nz/SECTION/SOME-METHOD

Passing Request Data

Request data is passed to the API by POSTing JSON objects to the API endpoints with the appropriate parameters. The documentation for each API call will contain more detail on the parameters accepted by the call.

HTTPS / Secure Connections

HTTPS is 100% supported with valid, signed certificates for all API methods. Only HTTPS over 443 is accepted.


All API URLs listed in this documentation are relative to https://api.getwherewolf.com/.

For example, the /guest/find API call is reachable at http://api.wherewolf.co.nz/guest/find

Questions? Problems?

Have you run into difficulties or a method just doesn’t seem to work right? Please get in touch on dev@wherewolf.co.nz and we’ll be happy to help you get underway.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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