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Pre-arrival waivers and my reservations

Your online reservations are shared with Wherewolf and a waiver is automatically generated for that party. The automatic waiver link we send is connected to their specific booking – when your guest arrives onsite, they can find their booking and see the list of waivers associated with that booking.

The waiver is triggered from the moment the guest completes their booking and sent to the lead booker.
If you have an integration, it’s important that your pre-booked guests only use the automated waiver triggered by their reservation to avoid confusion onsite.

Help, I don’t think my integration is working!

If your guests have access to the generic waiver link (the one that is available on your dashboard) then they can complete a waiver that is not associated with any booking. This means that when they arrive on-site, they can find their waivers by selecting ‘I don’t have a booking’.

It will take them to a list of waivers that have been completed via the generic link and are unassigned to any bookings.

If your pre-booked guest’s waivers are appearing here instead of under their booking, they have completed a generic waiver (not their booking-specific waiver) and you may need to remove this generic link from where you have made it accessible to them.

How can this happen?

This can happen if you have made the generic waiver link available to your guests, such as available via hyperlink on your website.

This could also happen if a booking is created and then cancelled, then reconfirmed. Upon creation of the booking, we send the guest the pre-arrival waiver that’s specific to their booking. If the booking is then cancelled, their pre-arrival waiver link is replaced with the generic link (since we have lost the booking data) and any waivers submitted using this link are not associated to any booking data, even if this reservation is re-confirmed further down the track.

Updated on November 19, 2020

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