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Your Wherewolf Assistant Portal

Your Wherewolf Assistant Portal will help you manage your account and waivers. Let’s walk through each of these menu options now.


Your Account shows your waiver usage, and includes 3 sub-categories; details, billing, and subscription.

Account Details:
These are the specific details about your business, such as address and account owner.

This is where you can update your preferred payment method or your billing point of contact.

Here you can find a comprehensive overview of your subscription. You can see your subscription type and your waiver usage. You can also add waivers to your account each month, upgrade your account to a feature-rich subscription tier, or cancel your account here.


This will take you into the action station of your waiver! Here, you can copy the unique URL to your waiver and save the image of your unique QR code to share with your guests onsite.

There’s also buttons under ‘Quick Share’ for you to share your waivers in Facebook or using your email address; and an option in the sidebar to launch your waiver right away.

If you need to make changes to your questions, use ‘Edit Questions’ in the top right. For changes to your branding or terms and conditions, use the buttons on the lower right, or open the Operator Profile.

Can I add custom questions or logic to my waiver?


Manage your profile from the Settings menu. Update your logo, background image, colour scheme, activities, or terms and conditions here.

We can integrate with most large reservation systems to send waivers ahead of time. Use this option to send a request to our support team to get this set up for you! Read more about that here.


Your Wherewolf dashboard houses your guest data for daily use. It’s separate from your Wherewolf Assistant account, and we have another support article on this here.

Updated on February 23, 2021

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