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Your Wherewolf Lite

We’re excited to share your new Wherewolf software with you. Please take some time to check out this short tutorial, and save it somewhere safe so that you or your team can refer back to it at a later date.

Logging in:


In the top-right corner of www.getwherewolf.com is a button to log into your dashboard. Enter the username and password that was provided to you – the system will prompt you to create a new password on your first log-in. Your dashboard is for your staff; you and your team will be using this to manage guest data and monitor daily operations. Down the lower sidebar are your settings; a quick check-up of your software version, a password update link, any integrations you may have, a help portal for you to share feedback or request assistance, a generic link to your online waiver, and where to log out.

You will have other tabs available on this page, but we will get to those in a second. Open your online waiver by clicking on ‘links’, and selecting the URL available to you. We’re going to start here.

Reviewing Your Live Form:

This is the generic version of your web form waiver, it can be used for any activity on any date. If we are integrating with your reservation system then your guests will be automatically sent a version of this waiver when they book. Their online waiver will be pre-populated with their booking data so they don’t have to enter some details again, such as the date of their activity and what experience they’re doing. We turn on this automation when you have signed off on your software in the Help and Support Portal so make sure you’re confident with the software before doing this. If you don’t have a reservation integration then you can share this link with your guests as it is. Test out the web form a couple of times now and make sure you’re happy with the questions and behaviour, and remember to select today’s date for the activity. If you had your own requests, such as specific questions for certain activities, test these out while you’re here too.

Once you’re done testing the online waivers, let’s go back to the dashboard and look under the Operations tab for your Daily Manifest.


Daily Manifesting:

Your daily tab will show all your guests who have checked in for that day, take a look now at the test records you’ve created to see what the view looks like. Make sure you have all the information you need at a glance – such as activity allocation and medical information. We can modify these columns if there are other data points you need.

You can view more guest information by clicking ‘edit’. Here, you can review their full details, attach files, download their waiver as a PDF, or pull up the complete guest record.

If you ever need to remove any records, such as these test check-ins you’ve created, just change the status of your test records to ‘deleted’ and hit ‘update’ to save these changes. We recommend you do this for your test check-in records.

This removes them from your marketing analytics or reports, but don’t worry, we keep all your records – all you need to do is use the ‘search’ bar next to your Daily Manifest to find any guest record in your database, even deleted ones. This might be to print the PDF, or you may need to ‘reactivate’ that deleted guest record by changing their status back from ‘deleted’. You can use the search bar to find any records in your database at any time.

Automated Queue:

These are the guests who are waiting to receive their follow-up emails, which are set to send after the day of their activity. You can choose to send the email now or delete that guest from your mailing list – otherwise, it will just send automatically.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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