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Creating and Cancelling a Wherewolf Lite Account

We’re excited to share your new Wherewolf software with you. This article will guide you through your account basics.

Creating your account for the first time:

Open the Wherewolf Assistant Portal here and start building your new waiver!
Once your waiver is complete, you’ll need to enter some business details to activate your account.

The next screen will show you some options to continue with, such as adding integrations or opening your Guest Manifest. These are both available here, and when you “Launch Contactless Check-in”.
As well as the above, selecting ‘Launch Contactless Check-in’ also opens your Wherewolf Assistant account and waiver options.

Here you can add integrations, you can save your QR Code and URL, and edit your waiver if you need to. It also includes the Account menu for you to control your Wherewolf subscription.

Cancelling your account:

Find the ‘Account’ option in the menu bar to open your Account overview.


The next page will show details about your subscription and how many waivers you have used already. To close your account, just select ‘cancel subscription’ under “Your Plan”:


If you have feedback about our free product, we’d love to hear it. Share your feedback in a quick email to [email protected] and help us improve our service.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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